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During the Company’s life span of 41 years, we have, through many assignments spanning a wide range of industries, businesses and public sectors, gained an enormous experience. Our focus has always been on leaders and leadership and cascading from this we have developed core competence in following areas:


Learning leaders/Leadership assessment

We strongly believe in the importance of making leaders aware of how they can develop, embrace possibilities, handle problems and achieve results, both on a personal level and for an organization. It is therefore imperative for us to contribute with learning in order to enhance the individual and also be able to offer change in competence. Target groups of learning are leaders and human resources. We excel in learning leaders as we have always carefully documented what we have been doing. We have observed a special need for female leaders to develop their potential. Therefore we have started a program regarding women in leadership training.

Situation analysis

Situation analyzes describe a condition of organization, leadership, economy and market situation at a given time. In our publications (click here) you can find an example of a situation analysis that we performed for Uppsala University Hospital. A situation analysis makes it possible for owners, management, leaders and employees to develop their current possibilities and problems. The organization can then prioritize what needs to be done. A situation analysis is a sharp tool for these discussions and in most cases clarifies the largest and most urgent problem areas and possibilities. A situation analysis is effective and takes four weeks maximum to perform regardless size of the organization.


Organizations today are navigating on challenging waters – never before has demands and requirements from stakeholders, global institutions, policy makers, governmental and regulatory bodies etc. been so high on organizations. Add to this that these requirements are continuously changing. New entrepreneurial businesses are challenging the established organizations. Consequently the challenges are plentiful and those organizations that are not able to cope with those are doomed. We strongly encourage organizations to adopt innovation in order to strengthen competitiveness and readiness in an ever-changing environment.

Organization design

Organizations continuously need to develop in order to deal with new challenges. It is critical finding an organization design that can adopt to a dynamic environment and simultaneously be kept slim and effective. We work in close collaboration with leaders and employees in order identify an optimal design that meet the organization’s business culture and values as well as identify possibilities and opportunities, this by always ensuring that employer-employee relations remains at high quality.

Risk management

Business and organizations faces constantly various risks and as we know, well-managed risks can be of a positive opportunity but badly managed can cause huge financial losses, impact on branding, operational discontinuities and in worst case termination of business. We are able to implement systems that continuously monitor and show risks on the organization’s radar screen. In this way, we help our clients to confront any new, urgent or strategic impacting situation that arise in their day-to-day activity.

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