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Finding the right leaders, growing talent and fully utilizing competencies are strategically important success factors for all organizations. We combine strategic, organizational and behavioral science expertise when evaluating leadership, always ensuring that our work is in alignment the client's business objectives. 

Our methodology is based on a structured and well-founded methodology and valid psychological test tools that are quality assured by our Advisory Board. 

From our experience we know that all organizations are unique, consequently we strive to execute projects always taking into consideration an organization’s uniqueness. Tailor teams are put together for each assignment and our goal is to become a long-term effective partner as we are perceptive to our client’s demands and expectation. 

At each assignment completion the results, learning and outcome is carefully documented and measured with follow-ups. We are proud of our accumulated know-how and this due to fact that documentation of what we have been doing has always been of high priority – documentation is a manifest at Svennerstål and Partners. 

From early days of the Company, we have emphasized women to leadership positions and have through the years developed a women leadership program. People in general and leaders in particular is our focus and through the years we have developed an effective leadership that enhance an organization and consequently carries a positive impact on business results. 

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